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The Olimpick Games

The Olimpick Games

In June 1612, Robert Dover staged the first ‘Cotswold Olimpicks’ in the iconic market town of Chipping Campden. Honouring the ancient Games of Greece, then as now the sports included singlestick, wrestling, jumping in sacks, dancing and shin kicking.

The tradition continues and to celebrate this landmark event, this tour celebrates the 408th anniversary on Friday 29th May when you’ll get a real kick out of this imaginative look at the Cotswolds. Highlights include:

• A couple of nights in Oxford for a walking tour of the Colleges and a visit to Blenheim Palace.
• A step back in time visit to the new attraction at Stonehenge.
• A lesson in Dowsing at the Avebury Stone Circle.
• An interesting visit to the roman city of Bath
• A few hours at the beautiful Abbey House Garden
• Attendance at the 2020 Olimpick Games and photo ops at the Scuttlebrook Wake
• Some pub lunches and English Afternoon Teas along the way.

3 nights Cotswolds : London 3 nights