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The Embroiderer’s and Needleworker’s Trail

The Embroiderer’s and Needleworker’s Trail

Not many people know this but the great maritime city of Liverpool is THE place to go for those interested in embroidery and needlework. Use the non-stop flights into Manchester and then fly home from London. Tour highlights include:

  •  An upstairs downstairs tour of Speke Hall and their collection of Mortlake tapestries.
  • A special tour of the Elizabeth Hoare Gallery at the spectacular Anglican cathedral.
  • A viewing of the ecclesiastical vestments at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King.
  • The remarkable 17th century stumpwork at the Lady Lever Art Gallery
  • A Magical Mystery Beatles tour of Liverpool.
  • A ferry ‘cross the Mersey to visit Voirrey Embroidery
  • A special tour of the V&A in London and a full day at the Royal College of Needlework.

Liverpool Liverpool 3 nights : London 3 nights.