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London Theatre Tour with a Twist

London Theatre Tour with a Twist

For those looking for a London theatre tour that goes behind the scenes and offers more than evenings of outstanding West End productions, offer them a memorable front stage back stage tour, with a side trip to the Bard’s Birthplace and a matinee at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.  Other highlights include:

  • A backstage tour of the sumptuously decorated Royal Opera House
  • A Walking tour of London’s Theatreland
  • A Tour of the Globe Theatre, the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse and London’s Bankside.
  • A Visit to the V&A Theatre Collection
  • Going backstage at the National Theatre
  • A side trip to Stratford upon Avon for a matinee performance.
  • An entertaining actor led tour of the Theatre Royal Drury Lane

An optional evening at the first pub theatre opened since Shakespeare’s.