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Keukenhof in Holland, Floralia in Belgium

Keukenhof in Holland, Floralia in Belgium

A must see on every garden lover’s bucket list will be the vast carpets of flowers in the Dutch tulip fields at the Keukenhof Gardens, arguably the most beautiful spring garden in the world. More than seven million tulips, daffodils and hyacinths fill over 32 hectares with colour and fragrance, making it a unique, unforgettable experience!  Less well-known is Floralia in Belgium, the Belgian Spring Gardens festival, and our itinerary combines both, along with general sightseeing and visits to private gardens. This tour can also form a wonderful pre-or post-cruise extension.

*  Nine nights in Amsterdam, Brussels and the Dutch and Belgian countryside

*  Visits to the Flower Auction at Aaalsmeer, Delft porcelain maker, Leiden and Bruges

*  Keukenhof Gardens and the Floralia Garden Festivals

*  Visits to public and private gardens in South Holland and in Belgium

*  Free time for shopping and personal sightseeing

*  The itinerary can be shortened to become a pre or post cruise extension