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Discover Shakespeare’s Way (BHX Tour)

Discover Shakespeare’s Way (BHX Tour)

To celebrate the 450th anniversary of the Bard’s Birth in 2014 and the 400th anniversary of his death in 2016, I’ve adapted the tour I’ve created with a gifted Shakespearian actor friend of mine to suit a BHX arrival and a London departure.

His acting experience, knowledge of the Bard and a great sense of humour will appeal to the Friends and Patrons theatres near you that stage Shakespearian productions. You can also offer it to the organisers of a Shakespeare Festival as a unique fund raiser.

Highlights include:

• Backstage at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and a riveting evening performance.
• A Q and A session with a member of the Acting Company.
• A close encounter with a real Druid at the Rollright Stones.
• Broughton Castle, location for the filming of ‘Shakespeare in Love’
• A Tudor/Elizabethan tour of Oxford and a visit to the Painted Room.
• An exploration of Bankside, Shakespeare’s theatrical playground and the red light district of his time
• The Sam Wanamaker Playhouse and a performance at the Globe Theatre.