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About Custom GB

Paull Tickner

Paul Tickner, Custom GB

Welcome to a new and imaginative way of looking at your old friend Great Britain with Custom GB.

As I’ve been customising UK/Ireland tour for over 40 years, I can offer you:

• Many years of hard earned experience.
• Access to a great deal of product knowledge.
• Hundreds of contacts who help me to deliver what’s expected.
• An understanding of how to identify and develop untapped niche markets.

I’m also well known for my creative flair and a good sense of humour.

As you will see from the itineraries on this website, they carry 2 distinctive hallmarks:

• Each one travels less so that your clients can see and enjoy more during their short time with us.
• My itineraries are often enhanced with value added out of hours, behind the scenes, owner head gardener and curator led tours.

I work exclusively with North American travel agents and provide competitive NET prices so that you can determine the commission rate. I also respond almost immediately to any emailed request – allow me a little latitude with this as I am 5-8 hours ahead of you here in the UK!

Take a look at the opening stock of tour ideas and as they are sure to fire your imagination, use the enquiry form on the contact page to get things under way.

I’m very much looking forward to working with you on a tailor made UK/Ireland tour.

Paull Tickner